Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

Trust us for basement waterproofing services in Duluth, MN

Does your basement flood frequently? You need basement waterproofing services in Duluth, MN. Northland Masonry Solutions repairs and waterproofs basements and foundations, so you can count on us to solve your water problem. We'll identify the source of leaks and structural concerns and resolve them efficiently.

Stop the leak in your basement. Contact us now if you need basement repair services.

How will we repair your basement?

If you're dealing with a leak and need basement waterproofing services, you'll benefit from some insight into our process. When performing professional foundation repairs, we:

  • Inspect the basement to identify all leaks
  • Repair the cracks and install a drainage system
  • Seal the interior and exterior of the foundation to prevent seepage

For drainage systems, we can install French drains, sump pumps and other drainage systems. For more information on our professional foundation repair services, speak to our owner today.